Globizi is a technology company that provides end-to-end e-export services to companies of all sizes that want to export their products.
Offering an unrivaled business model of zero entry cost, zero new personnel and with commissions only on realized sales Globizi, enables companies to enter new markets quickly and effectively with its unique team experienced in e-export platform management.

Who Should Work With Globizi?

All companies that have never exported before and need end-to-end support

All companies using e-export marketplaces but have not achieved efficiency

Active exporter that want to enhance their trade network by expanding to new countries

Our Partners

…and many more


Start e-export now with zero cost

Commission fee only on actual sales

E-export without new equipment or personnel

Work with Globizi to become a part of digital change through our end-to-end e-export and e-commerce ecosystems services.