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Your Unique Partner Team in High Technology and E-Trade

We have set up the right team you need to open to theglobal markets and management of all processes from a single point of reference with confidence.

Globizi, founded in 2021, is designed with the aim of being a business partner of companies on E-Trade and E-Export. Globizi supports companies in any size targeting to open to the global markets and supports enhancement of exporting in Turkey by its E-Trade and E-Exporting ecosystem.

Globizi supports companies by directly setting up and running the E-Trade and E-Exporting processes instead of training and consulting. Globizi’s business model is based on creating an added net value for the companies with its end-to-end E-Trade ecosystem and setting up a win-win model for each party over the generated value.

Globizi creates a unique value proposition for SME’s on E-Exporting startup, Entry to New Markets, Commission only over Completed Transactions, End to End Process Control, Total Cost Control, Zero Staffing Risk, Targeted Marketing and a Unique Team of Profession and Experience.

Cuneyt Erpolat, Globizi Founding Partner and CEO

With his 27 years of experience on high techology, telecommunications and e-trade , Erpolat is turning all his know-how and experience into a business model dedicated to digital transformation. Cuneyt Erpolat’s expertise focuses on sales&marketing, business development, channel management, new markets and digital transformation of SME’s . He led diversified management levels in companies like Xerox, Microsoft, Avea, Grenke Leasing and Alibaba.com.

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By joining Globizi, you can also become a part of digital transformation with our end-to-end E-Trade and E-Exporting ecosystem services.